Our Story

How did it all start you ask?

Meet Rachel!

"They say that clothes make the man, but I say the right wardrobe can do more than just make a woman."

Rachel grew up working in her family owned business where she now serves as CEO and runs one of the largest woman-owned, family-owned, custodial and facilities maintenance companies in the nation. She learned so much about business from that experience and knew she could take that knowledge to execute on fulfilling her dream to open a boutique. 

She always wanted to start her own business utilizing something she has a passion for...FASHION!

At Marie Gregory, we want people to feel more confident in their own skin, truly believing that the right wardrobe pieces and accessories can help bring your best self to the world each day. My partner, Justin, is a master at helping people find those pieces. Every time I shop with him and wear things he recommends for me, I feel better about myself. 

That is exactly what I want for every one of our clients!! 

Meet Justin!

"There is nothing better than a personal referral and when someone walks into the boutique and says "my friend told me I had to come in and check out this awesome new boutique" it makes us leap for joy. There is no better compliment than that."

He found that he has a driving passion to help people feel good about themselves by choosing the right ensemble to wear. Not only did he discover a knack for that, but he also has an amazing eye for coordinating and teaching people how to use wardrobe pieces in multiple ways. Dressed up, dressed down for a casual look, or anything in between, he can create any look the customer desires. By taking what someone already has in their closet, and adding a few new staple pieces, he can give them everything they need to boost their confidence and help them put their best foot forward. 

One of the things that makes Marie Gregory unique is the personalized styling services that Justin provides. We have various options that include in-home styling, virtual styling, and in-boutique styling. 


Marie Gregory got its name from Rachel's mom, Marie and Justin's late father, Gregory?

It's always been a dream of ours to own a boutique in a fun and vibrant community. We absolutely love the experience of finding unique items that are curated, and most of all we have always wanted to own a business where clients feel special, valued, confident, and happy.