The Marie Gregory Story

Rachel grew up working in her family-owned business where she now serves as CEO and runs one of the largest woman-owned, family-owned, custodial and facilities maintenance companies in the nation. She learned so much about business from that experience and knew she could take that knowledge to execute on fulfilling her dream to open a boutique.


Around 4 years ago, Rachel was shopping in Bishop Arts and ventured into a cute store with great items. But most of all, she had a connection with Justin who was working at the store. He was positive, engaging, and super fun to shop with. He was able to expertly select clothing items that made her feel confident. It was a memorable shopping experience and so much so that she made sure to visit Justin for future shopping excursions to Bishop Arts.


On May 1, 2021, Rachel was in Bishop Arts for a girl’s day out and told her friends that they had to go see Justin and shop with him. While Rachel was there and catching up with Justin, she mentioned to him her dream of opening a boutique. Turns out they had a mutual dream, and he wanted the same. Rachel told him, "I know exactly where I want it to be...the historic McKinney, TX square". Justin had never been to McKinney but told her he had heard great things about it. They decided to set up a day in June to meet out there so Rachel could show him around and he could see the overall vibe.


In the meantime, Rachel reached out to her realtor, Colleen to start looking for spaces that were available. Neither Justin nor Rachel had a clue how much rent was going for. Rachel told her that they envisioned something small and old. On that day in June when Justin and Rachel met out there Justin instantly fell in love with the downtown square and understood why Rachel wanted the boutique there.


Fast forward a couple of weeks, and a space became available...a whopping 175 square feet in a 105-year-old building with the nicest building owner you could ask for. Rachel went and looked at the space, face timed Justin and they both saw the potential in the space. But they were both scared to take the leap. So, they talked and decided this dream would need to simmer for a bit.


It continued to be on Rachel's heart, and she couldn't get the quaint tiny little space out of her head. So, she contacted Justin and told him what was on her mind. He thought about it some more and decided it was time to execute on his dream as well.


Rachel and Justin moved forward with getting the spot secured, and then the fun began!! Justin was living in Dallas at the time and decided if he was going to do this, he was all in and wanted to live close to the boutique. He moved from Dallas to the McKinney square (walking distance to the store).


Even though Rachel had years of experience operating a business she had no idea how to run a retail store so the duo started doing research of everything they needed to open the doors.....the best POS systems, websites., merchandise, fixtures etc.


Looking back, they are both absolutely amazed at how they accomplished to open the boutique in just a couple of months. With sheer determination and their dream at the forefront they made it happen and had their Grand Opening on October 16th, 2021.